Market analysis of row of pins, row of female connectors industry




The row of pins, motherboard to board connectors as enterprise products and machinery and equipment can not be missing the main spare parts, at this stage, the world's row of motherboard, row of pins connector enterprise products can be purchased from mainland China, in many enterprises to use the scope of products in the purchase of an increasing proportion. And compared with other major components, the plug-in enterprise products of a wider choice of blocks, its local procurement of indoor space is higher, so its field into the barrier is not high. At this stage, all the row of pins, row of mother, connector sales market is mainly encountered two levels of market competition.
The first is the danger of replacement products, at this stage the main replacement product is the terminal, in the domestic high-grade sales market to get the danger is not very big, but in the low-grade sales market is encountering fierce competition in the market, when the purchaser encountered the cost burden, these people will usually use the current stage of the price is certainly cheap terminal to replace the plug.
The next is the profitability of the enterprise to get the purchaser and the provider of the squeeze, the connector of the purchaser is mainly enterprise products and machinery and equipment manufacturers, these people have a high market share, high standardization level, its profitability in the current market economy system ring mirror profitability in the decline, so in the procurement process usually use the current information content is more transparent always cheap, and the row of pins, the manufacturer of the mother connector. Row of mother connector manufacturers Qi main providers are aluminum, copper, silver, gold and rubber products and other raw material providers, the party industry chain of market concentration, standardization is higher. The volume of buyers is very large, the level of enterprise product differentiation is not very large, the cost of changing sellers is relatively small, the probability of forward integration is not very large, the content of each other's information is quite full transparency, overall the overall strength of the bargaining of sellers is relatively low, which leads to a small room for enterprise profitability.
Based on the analysis of the survey, we will generate the positioning of the product and its marketing strategy expansion measures, identify the market segment to which the row of needles and row of masters belongs, distinguish the total output and market demand and development prospect of the overall sales market of China's row of needles and row of masters, clarify the market positioning, analyze the market positioning of consumers, usage, enterprise product characteristics, price, consumer needs and demands, and carry out a clear analysis with On the corresponding marketing strategy. In this process, enterprises have been developing strong trends.
In recent years, due to the row of pins, row of mother, connector upstream and downstream industry development planning rapidly, including computers, communication enterprise products and sales class electronic devices in the 3C industry chain and its transmission data business process in the domestic development prospects are very broad, connector of another major development prospects is the LED display connector, at this stage of China's LED display industry development dexterity, the need for connectors Also should be relatively strong but as a new range, China's producers regardless of the overall strength of the method or the perspective of manufacturing lessons, there are still very large enough. In response to the shift in the sales market of pins, masters and connectors, our manufacturers should gradually get rid of the homogeneous competition in the low-grade product category, and actively track the cutting-edge methods of pins, masters and connectors, learn to train the new methods and new technologies of connectors, always develop and launch enterprise products, and expand the high-grade product series.