Innovation of terminal connection wire products in its field




1、Insulator material
Material nylon, flame retardant grade V0, while not containing any harmful halogens, flame retardant performance is superior, safe, environmentally friendly. Other commonly used materials are thermoplastic polyester; and for use with perforated reflow technology and liquid crystal polymer.
2, screw terminal blocks.
Screw connection terminals in the electronics industry has always occupied an important seat, has now become an important component of the printed circuit board. Its structured design more taking into account the convenience of wiring and secure screw connection and other aspects of the characteristics.
3, spring connection terminals.
Spring connection of the printed wiring board terminals are divided into pull-back spring connection and butterfly spring connection. Which pull-back type spring terminal block and screw terminal block can be compatible with each other, greatly increasing the flexibility. Reliable connection: front connection, connection visible, low-maintenance, no need to tighten.
4、IDC no-peel quick terminal block.
IDC no-peel quick terminal connection line can be achieved without the use of any tools for the rapid connection of the wire with insulating skin. Pull the help open lever to push the wire into the cutter and cut off the insulation skin to achieve airtight connection. This wiring method saves up to 60% of wiring time, no stripping, no tools, just disconnecting, and that's it. And it is certified for Ethernet wiring (Category 5 wire).