Connectors are essential components in electronic devices




When we mention integrated cabling, we naturally associate it with a lot of knowledge about integrated cabling. There is a lot to know about integrated cabling, but today we are going to talk about connectors.
What is a connector connector, i.e. CONECTOR. domestic also known as connection plug, plug and socket. Generally refers to electrical connectors. Connect two active devices devices that transmit current and signals.
Connector is a component that we electronic engineers and technicians are often in contact with. Its role is simple: in the blocked circuit or isolated circuit between the establishment of a bridge of communication, so that the current flow, so that the circuit to achieve the intended function.
Connector is an essential component of electronic equipment, along the current flow channel to observe, there will always be found one or more connectors, connectors in a myriad of forms and structures, with the application object, frequency, power, application environment, such as different forms of connectors also such as court lighting with connectors and hard disk drive connectors, point rocket connectors are very different.
But no matter what the connector, it is necessary to ensure the smooth continuous and reliable flow of current. In general, the connector connects not only the current, in the rapid development of optoelectronics technology today, fiber optic system, the carrier of the transmission signal is light, glass and plastic instead of ordinary circuit wires, but also in the optical signal channel using connectors, the role of the same as the circuit connector.
What are the categories of connectors?
Connector, i.e., CONECTOR. is the electronic engineering technicians often contact components. Domestic also known as connection inserts, plugs and sockets. Generally refers to electrical connectors. That is, a component that connects two active parts to transmit current and signals. Connector brands such as Ghanaian, Neutrogena, Fugene Eagle, Toshiba, Molex, etc.. The connectors commonly used in our daily life are divided into the following categories
1、Strip / press type connector
2、Circular connectors
3、Rectangular/heavy-duty connectors
4、RF coaxial connectors
5、PCB/printed circuit board connectors
6、Wire-to-wire connectors
7、FFC/FPC/film cable connectors
8、Flat cable connectors
9, Computer equipment connectors
10、Video/audio signal connectors
11、Mobile phone connectors
12、Power connectors
13、High voltage connectors
14、Vehicle connectors
15、Aerospace connectors
16、High-speed signal connector
17、Fiber optic connectors
18、Microwave connector
19、Waterproof connector
20, and high temperature resistant connectors.
What is the above-mentioned connector and what are the classification of the connector, I believe that after reading what is the connector has a deeper understanding of the hope that it will help you.