How should the smart appliance wiring harness be arranged?




Nowadays, many families install smart homes so that life is more convenient. Smart appliance harness wiring often involves circuit modification, and circuit modification is one of the important hidden projects. So how to arrange the smart appliance wiring harness? Next, I will give you an introduction to the relevant content, take a look at it.

The smart appliance harnesses that need to be installed in the living room include lighting lines, TV lines, power lines, air conditioning lines, doorbell lines, telephone lines, computer lines, etc. The location of the electrical wiring needs to be designed in advance to do a good job of reservation, usually reserved at the edge of the sofa phone line port, reserved on the inside of the door doorbell line port, drinking fountains, humidifiers and other equipment reserved power port, the living room should be left at least five power line port.

Bedroom circuit transformation usually includes lighting lines, power lines, air conditioning lines, computer lines, telephone lines, etc. The power cord port should be reserved above the bedside table, and it is better to use a 5-hole plug-in board with switch, which is more convenient. Above the dressing table should be reserved for the power wiring port of the hair dryer. Bedroom lamps and lanterns are best to use dual control switches, one installed on the outside of the bedroom door and the other switch installed on the bedside table, so that you don't have to get up to turn off the lights next to the bedroom door when you go to bed at night.

The number of sockets is estimated. When designing outlets for spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms, you should ensure that there is at least one 5-hole outlet on each major wall so that you can meet the needs of daily life. The location of sockets should be determined according to the house, for example, the TV backdrop can have more sockets as appropriate and other locations depending on the use of appliances.